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Choirs and Singers

NGA is also blessed with well reknowed country wide and international singers in striving to enrich the society with the Holy Word of God.

Naioth Prophetic Singers (NPS)
Nobody in Dar es Salaam and its neighboring does not know about NPS. Well known for their first album titled 'Unangoja Nini?', "What are you waiting for?" It has been more than 15 years since recorded, but the message still stands even more powerful.

Moria Choir
Some still remember how Naioth Gospel Singers used to attack the devil, years later, it is structured to serve best God, under the name Moria, formed by the youths, they are a threaten to the devil while praising on the stage, whoever has heard the song 'Haleluya' can justify that.

Jordan Choir
They simply look like children, but what they preach is not childish at all, formed by the Sunday School. These young Jesus students are so talented and blessed, being a mixture of evangelists, teachers, and even preachers, they have prove the devil wrong that the society is falling.

Chekecha Holy Group
You talk about soldiers, then here they are, Nothing to stop this group of 6 young strong men, while preaching the word of God through music. The well known 'Nipeleke kwa Baba', (Send me to Father) is so common in the city that nobody does not know it. You will be left with your chin hanging upon seeing them on the stage, remember, they are Soldiers, in Christ.

The Warriors
From Choirs to small group. The Warriors is a Gospel Hip Hop group, led by Moses Elias, capturing all the youths lost in action, and getting them back to Jesus through what they like and want. Their messages include, Majaribu (Temptations), Dunia Inapita (The World is Passing), Maombi (Prayers). Their album is yet to be released, but very hot not be soon.

Sayuni Band Christina Matai Upendo Nkone Martha Marandu Pauline James
Get back for more soon, including their video profiles.

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